Pioneering Materials for
the World’s Most
Demanding Challenges

Alpine is leading the way in the development and manufacture of new materials to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Alpine Advanced Materials

Alpine is leading the way in the development of custom engineered parts and components that are radically lightweight, strong, turn-key to manufacture, and environmentally robust. Our materials surpass all composite products on the market today for high-performance lightweight applications.

Building upon cutting edge nanocomposite technology developed and tested by Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® for use in aerospace and space applications, our portfolio of advanced materials are both safe and suitable for the harshest environments on and off the earth.

Alpine Advanced Materials is a Catalyze Dallas affiliate company. Catalyze specializes in the capitalization and commercialization of innovative technologies sourced from the world’s most respected defense and industrial companies.

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without compromise

Alpine’s revolutionary materials have been tested by major aeronautics and defense organizations whose performance standards are among the most rigorous in the world. Our materials have been used in the manufacture of components for jet fighters, high-speed helicopters, amphibious transport vehicles, missiles, rockets and satellites.

Our groundbreaking material, HX5™, is an advanced thermoplastic nanocomposite that replaces aerospace-grade aluminum. Comparable in strength and performance – yet just half the weight and with dramatic manufacturability advantages – HX5 is the only material of its kind on the market today.

Backed by the Expertise & Success of

Catalyze Dallas

Alpine Advanced Materials benefits from the extensive strategic and operational expertise and proven track record of Catalyze Dallas, which has successfully facilitated the introduction of numerous groundbreaking products into new markets.

In support of Alpine, Catalyze Dallas:

Secured an exclusive global license for HX5 technology from Lockheed Martin, leveraging a $50M+ investment in development and testing.

Hired a world-class leadership team and built a robust design engineering and manufacturing capability to deliver flawless custom parts.

Provides access to industry experts and business advisors.