Leadership Team

Jon Bennett, Alpine Advanced Materials

Joe D’Cruz

Executive Chairman

Joe D’Cruz is the Executive Chairman of Alpine, where he has overall responsibility for the company’s strategy and mission. As founder of Alpine’s parent company, Catalyze Dallas, D’Cruz has developed a deep knowledge of the aerospace, defense, energy and transportation markets and is adept at building strong relationships with Alpine’s partners, stakeholders and shareholders.  

D’Cruz is a results-driven senior executive and entrepreneur with achievements in both early-stage and established multinational corporate environments.  His creative and visionary approach has consistently delivered strong revenue growth while laying the foundation for sustained development and profitability. His extensive experience and success have established him as a leader of unparalleled ability. 

Slade Gartner, Alpine Advanced Materials

Dr. Slade H. Gardner

Chief Technology Advisor

Dr. Slade H. Gardner is an Operating Partner with Catalyze Dallas, where he serves as a member of the executive team that drives significant returns in innovative technology solutions. He is also the founder of Big Metal Additive, which, since 2016, has been pioneering large-scale metal hybrid additive manufacturing.

During nearly two decades as a Fellow at Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Gardner accrued vast expertise in advanced materials and manufacturing, as well as maturation of materials and processes for adoption in multiple high-criticality industries. He has advised corporations, institutes, national laboratories and offices of the U.S. government on strategy, priorities and development needs with regard to industrial application of advanced manufacturing and materials.

Jon Bennett, Alpine Advanced Materials

Greg Olson

Vice President, Business Development

Greg Olson is the Vice President of Business Development at Alpine Advanced Materials. His responsibilities include increasing HX5 thermoplastic nanocomposite material market share in multiple arenas, including aerospace, defense, and a variety of specialty automotive and industrial markets. Olson identifies specific needs and develops innovative marketing strategies, collaborating with sales and engineering teams within the organization for deployment.

Olson is an innovative engineer devoted to expanding market share for the application of nanocomposite materials across multiple industries. During his career in engineering, marketing and sales, he has held a variety of leadership roles in which he redefined company marketing strategies and improved customer relationships for greater efficacy and increased market share.

Kyle Einhorn

Vice President, Business Development

Kyle Einhorn was named Vice President of Business Development Outdoor Products and Sports at Alpine Advanced Materials in 2019. His responsibilities include expanding HX5 thermoplastic nanocomposite material market share for applications in the Outdoor Products and Sports industry.  

Prior to joining Alpine Advanced Materials, Einhorn served as a key member on executive leadership teams leading and growing many successful strategic initiatives. With over 20 years of experience, including international sales and marketing, coupled with his ability to develop strategies serves as an invaluable conduit between diverse operations such as research and development and customer service. Einhorn’s deep outdoor industry knowledge and multifaceted background is a valued asset to both Alpine Advanced Materials and his customers. Recognized for his perseverance and enthusiasm, Einhorn has earned a reputation for demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to the work he does and clients he serves.

Jon Bennett, Alpine Advanced Materials

Jon Bennett

Vice President, Corporate Development

Jon Bennett is Vice President of Corporate Development for Alpine Advanced Materials, where he spearheads innovative strategies to position Alpine as a competitive leader in cutting-edge solutions.

Bennett is a seasoned operations executive with a proven track record in business development, strategic business growth, governmental affairs, board management, marketing, and sales. In his work with companies ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to small startups, he has demonstrated the ability to establish and achieve strategic objectives, while maintaining a steadfast focus on driving results.

Pete Shpik, Alpine Advanced Materials

Peter Shpik

Director of Technical Services

Peter Shpik is Director of Technical Services at Alpine Advanced Materials. In this capacity, he is responsible for promoting innovative new methods, processes, and procedures to more effectively bring Alpine products to market.

Formerly Director of Technical Services at Teijin Carbon America and Technology Manager at GKN Aerospace, Shpik pioneered the implementation of groundbreaking techniques for the manufacture of composite structures, including the use of thermoplastic matrix materials in their production. With a strong engineering background and extensive hands-on experience, Shpik has been able to leverage his skills to innovate new ideas and procedures, and he has achieved broad recognition throughout the industry.

Matthew Krause

Director of Operations

Matthew Krause is Director of Operations at Alpine Advanced Materials. His responsibilities include identifying operational risks and developing strategies for mitigating them, building strategic relationships with customers and suppliers, establishing and maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence, and collaborating with business development to identify and capture strategic business accounts.

Krause has more than 20 years of managerial and leadership experience in roles spanning engineering, operations, and business development, with companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations in oil and gas, aerospace, and medical device industries.

Rene Gage

Financial Controller

Rene Gage is the Financial Controller for Alpine Advanced Materials and its affiliates, Catalyze Holdings and Metro Aerospace. Gage is responsible for accounting, treasury, reporting, budgeting, insurance management and human resources.

Gage has over 30 years of experience in Accounting and Finance across a broad range of areas including compliance, business and financial operations, and human resources. Prior to joining Alpine Advanced Materials, Rene held senior accounting positions within the Aviation, Advertising and Telecommunications industries. She received her BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Arlington.